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Divorce Law Firm in Riverside Guides Clients Through the Legal Process

Family law attorney provides representation in contested and uncontested cases

Divorce turns your life upside down. Everyone involved in a divorce experiences unavoidable emotional trauma, no matter how amicable the process. At the Law Offices of Julie M. Hill, divorce attorney Julie Hill, a Certified Family Law Specialist, offers divorce services to Riverside, Inland Empire and San Bernardino clients. We represent men and women in both contested and uncontested divorce cases.

Representing Riverside clients in contested divorces

In a contested divorce, spouses cannot agree on whether to divorce or how to handle issues related to the divorce. Generally, this means there will be a battle in court. The adversarial nature of a contested divorce makes it emotionally difficult for all parties involved, including and especially children. Divorces involving large marital assets or heavily contested child custody can be emotionally trying and take years to resolve. In contested divorces, the court may issue temporary orders on pertinent matters including:

  • Child custody/visitation/support
  • Alimony
  • Property/debt division
  • Domestic violence
  • Payment of attorney fees/costs
  • Move-out orders

Attorney Julie Hill works to make this process as smooth as possible while pursuing an optimal result for you and your children.

Contested divorces go through a discovery process to disclose financial and other vital information. After full disclosure, the spouses and their lawyers begin the negotiation process. If an agreement cannot be reached, the issues are tried before a judge, who may see things in a completely different light than either partner. Even couples with very different ideas are generally better off compromising than letting a complete stranger make decisions about their lives, possessions and families. Our divorce law firm helps clients negotiate settlements to avoid court battles.

Helping you though an uncontested divorce

Just because a divorce is uncontested, that doesn’t mean it is amicable. However, an uncontested divorce is one in which, despite differences, the spouses agree on all pertinent marital issues relative to their divorce. Those issues include child custody, alimony and division of property. Hiring an experienced attorney helps you navigate the court system smoothly and ensures that you follow the correct procedures to make your divorce agreement legally binding and as fair as possible.

The steps of an uncontested divorce in California include:

  • Filing a divorce petition
  • Notification of divorce filing
  • Filing a declaration of finances
  • Obtaining a hearing date
  • Attending a divorce finalization hearing

Because spouses agree on all issues in an uncontested divorce, the procedure usually runs smoothly and is often resolved within a few months. Depending on your agreement or the orders of a judge, legal fees and court costs may be split or entirely paid for by one of the parties.

Helping men deal with the challenges of divorce

Men face unique challenges during the divorce process. They often have to leave their home, which means they are often paying doubled housing costs. They also tend to have reduced access to their children. Spousal support orders and child support agreements frequently put a large financial burden on men. Our firm works to help men get fair treatment in family court.

Trust us for help with your California divorce case

Your divorce will be made easier if you enlist the help of an experienced family law attorney. The Law Offices of Julie M. Hill provides valuable legal advice in contested and uncontested divorces in the Inland Empire and San Bernardino. Call our Riverside office at 888-860-6519 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a skilled family law attorney.