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Collaborative Divorce

Riverside Collaborative Divorce

Divorce creates confusion and uncertainty about the future. The chaos, hurt and anger can feel overwhelming. Riverside divorce attorney Julie M. Hill can help you through the trauma of divorce by providing caring legal guidance during a tough time for your family. Ms. Hill is a Certified Family Law Specialist and offers family law legal services to Riverside and Inland Empire clients.

Collaborative divorce in Riverside

During a divorce, many issues cause worry and sleepless nights. Questions plague you, including:

  • How will my children deal with the divorce?
  • How is the divorce going to affect my finances?
  • How can I pay for the children’s education?
  • Can I fund my retirement?
  • What if we have to sell the family home?

These and other concerns can seem insurmountable. The prospect of fighting a long-term court battle only creates more turmoil. There are alternatives to a contentious divorce — and one of those alternatives is collaborative divorce.

Collaborative law — a cooperative approach to divorce

Collaborative divorce is a new approach in alternative dispute resolution. The concept of collaborative divorce is to create cooperation through full disclosure and a willingness to mutually solve divorce issues. Collaborative divorce assembles a team of your respective attorneys and other specialists to address your unique circumstances, including:

  • Legal aspects of divorce/separation
  • Financial issues of divorce
  • Child custody, visitation and support issues
  • Co-parenting plans

Since litigation is not a factor in collaborative divorce, it encourages real commitment to reaching a viable settlement. The benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Less expensive than litigated divorces
  • More control over your future
  • Does not require litigation
  • Provides privacy and confidentiality
  • Less conflict and emotional trauma
  • Provides your child a platform to voice his or her needs/concerns
  • Helps you understand the effects of divorce on your children
  • Provides information to make parenting decisions

However, if either spouse decides to go to court, the collaborative team must withdraw and spouses need to obtain new attorneys.

Contact a Riverside, Inland Empire and San Bernadino collaborative family law firm

Divorce is all too common in today’s families. Collaborative lawyers can help you with a less contentious, more positive approach to your divorce, which is best for all concerned. Julie M. Hill provides valuable advice and legal guidance in the Riverside collaborative divorce process. Contact Julie Hill today to discuss your collaborative divorce options.