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Child Support

Riverside Child Support Attorney Represents Parents in Divorce Cases

California law firm helps request, modify and enforce support orders

California divorce law establishes parents’ equal financial responsibility in supporting their children. This means that when parents divorce, or in cases where they do not marry, both will be expected to contribute to the cost of a child’s upbringing. Attorney Julie Hill at the Law Offices of Julie M. Hill represents parents in child support disputes. Our firm helps parents who are seeking child support, parents who want to modify existing orders, and parents who need help enforcing support orders. We help families throughout the Inland Empire region get the awards they need to raise their children.

Understanding child support in California

Child support is intended to provide children with the same financial resources that they would have if their parents remained married. Support typically continues until your child completes the 12th grade or reaches age 19. The noncustodial parent makes a monthly payment to the custodial parent. The size of the payment is determined through a mathematical formula based on the following factors:

  • Each parent’s disposable income
  • The amount of time each child spends in each home
  • Whether either parent supports any other children
  • Healthcare costs
  • Job-related expenses
  • Other costs

Parents can agree to pay a larger amount of support than that determined by the formula. In some cases, they may be able to agree to pay less. A premarital agreement may not adversely affect a child’s right to support. No matter what your situation, an experienced divorce attorney can help you reach a child support agreement that protects your children.

Making child support payments in Riverside

In order to apply for a child support order, you must first establish paternity. Our firm helps parents with this process as well as filing a petition for a support order. Once a judge orders child support, payments are taken from the paying parent’s paycheck or made through the California State Disbursement Unit. This agency collects and disburses all child support payments.

All payments must be made on time or the paying parent will be charged interest. Parents who miss payments can have liens filed on their property. They may also have their driver license suspended or revoked. Support orders can be made retroactive to the date that a petition for support was filed.

Modifying a California child support order

When life changes occur, it may be necessary to change a support order. Judges often agree to modifications when either parent experiences major financial changes or when a child’s needs change. In any case, you should never stop paying support without a judge’s order. Even losing your job or being incarcerated will not automatically free you from your obligations. Attorney Julie Hill helps parents who are seeking to terminate or modify a support order in the Inland Empire region of California.

Trust us for compassionate representation in your California child support case

Whether you are seeking child support or looking to modify an existing support order, it is in your best interests to find a family law attorney with both compassion and experience. The Law Offices of Julie M. Hill provides a full range of child support and family law services to California parents. To learn more about your rights and how we can help, call our Riverside office at 888-860-6519 or contact us online.