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Divorce Mediation

Riverside Mediation Attorney Helps You Avoid Divorce Battles in Court

Alternative dispute resolution in California family law cases

Divorce mediation is a process that brings divorcing couples together to develop a settlement and parenting agreement that satisfies both parents. In a disputed divorce, you have two choices. You can go to court and litigate every issue, or you can participate in California divorce mediation and save time, expense and emotional turmoil. Divorces that involve large marital assets or disputed child custody issues can take years to resolve in court. Certified Family Law Specialist Julie Hill at the Law Offices of Julie M. Hill serves as a legal adviser for her clients going through mediation in Riverside and the surrounding area as part of her divorce and related family law services.

The benefits of the California divorce mediation process

Court battles are emotionally stressful and often expensive. They also create even more animosity between spouses, which is especially problematic when children are involved. A heavily litigated divorce can ruin your life and that of your children. Where divorcing couples have the potential of agreement, divorce mediation may help. It benefits couples by offering:

  • An equal voice in problem resolution
  • Lowered legal and court costs
  • Increased cooperation between spouses
  • Sensible co-parenting solutions
  • Resolution of family issues by the parties involved rather than the judge
  • A quicker resolution to problems

A divorce mediator works toward an amicable resolution so there is less emotional trauma and less litigation in court. And because a mediator is a neutral and objective third party, he or she can work with both spouses to reach an agreement in your contested divorce. A settlement agreement developed through mediation is often more fair than one determined by a judge.

Our firm advises clients before and in-between mediation sessions. If your mediation does not result in a separation agreement or a parenting agreement, your divorce will typically need to be litigated in court. Our family lawyer fights for your rights in and out of the courtroom.

Understanding the difference between mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce

Couples in the Inland Empire area have options for settling their divorce. Mediation involves one neutral party and no attorneys. A mediator helps the parties agree to a settlement. Arbitration often includes attorneys. The arbitrator or arbitrators hear evidence and arguments from both sides and then make a decision. Collaborative divorce is an option for couples who agree to get a divorce and want to work together to solve the few remaining issues that keep them from settling.

Trust an experienced California divorce attorney to act as your legal adviser

Contested divorces hurt everyone and can leave lasting emotional scars. Mediation may help you reduce costs and stress. The Law Offices of Julie M. Hill offers valuable advice on your divorce mediation options. If you are considering divorce mediation, contact us online or call our Riverside office at 888-860-6519 to arrange a consultation to discuss your mediation options.